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About StaminaSys

Since 2004, thanks to our in-depth expertise and experience, we have been creating versatile software solutions that meet the specific needs of thousands of individuals throughout North America. In doing so, we help professionals optimize their practice and provide superior care quality to their patients by simplifying health records management and enabling them to fully focus on delivering care.

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Our Mission

Support Healthcare Heroes.

The StaminaSys Team is a devoted ally for healthcare professionals. Our mission is to support therapists by providing them with state-of-the-art software solutions, tailored to their specific needs. By simplifying administrative tasks and optimizing the management of patient records, we allow professionals to focus on what matters the most : providing exceptional care to their patients.

Our Vision

Together Towards Excellence.

By combining human expertise and technological advancements, our vision is to create a connected, paperless and simple healthcare environment. We aspire to transform health care practices by delivering innovative and personalized solutions. Our goal is to optimize the practices of healthcare professionals so that they can provide exceptional care to their patients. Our vision is to be the trusted leader in the digital transformation of health practices. We aspire to change the way healthcare professionals manage their records and interact with their patients. Thanks to our innovative technology and our user-centered approach, we aim to contribute to the creation of connected and simplified healthcare environments.

Our history

The story of StaminaSys dates back to 2004, when our founder, an osteopath, was searching for a specific software solution for his practice. Upon realizing the lack of efficient and user-friendly offerings in the market that effectively addressed the stages of electronic record management, he decided to develop his own solution. With a team of experienced computer engineers, he refined this solution year after year, giving birth to the StaminaSys brand in 2015.


It was at this moment that StaminaSys took a new step by fully carrying its software on the web, providing its customers with  unparalleled flexibility, availability, and security to its clients.

Since then, StaminaSys continues to innovate and support practitioners in their pursuit of professional excellence and success.

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StaminaSys Team

The multidisciplinary team at StaminaSys consists of experienced software engineers, computer security specialists, organizational development managers, market development consultants, and clinicians who guide the evolution of our platform.

Revolutionize your management processes, transform your practice

845 Breme, St-Denis-de-Brompton, Qc, Canada, J0B 2P0

 ☏   514.360.6440

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