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Team Management
Add and remove administrative staff or therapists to your team. Grant access rights. Restrict access to records from  clinic premises.

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Anchor Formulaire Pesonnlisé
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Build your Custom Forms
Our user-friendly "drag-n-drop" tool allows you to create Health intake, SOAP Notes and Recommendations forms tailored to your profession in just a few minutes.

Anchor Revue des systèmes

Systems Review
StaminaSys provides a detailed and customizable Systems review, and a clean view that allows you to identify your client's health history at a glance. For their safety, the WARNING function reminds you of the potential contraindications related to the person's health status.

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Patient Portal (Intakes)

The portal enables your patients to independently fill out their health intake,  through the forms you provide them.

Patient Portal (Documents) 
The portal also allows therapists to securely transmit documents to the patient, such as recommendations, exercises or any other document containing confidential information, rather than transmitting them via email.

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Anchor Note évolutives
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SOAP Notes
Use your own forms or choose one of our many SOAP forms. Quickly chart your evolving notes with our customizable LEXICONS.

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Handwritten Notes
Do you prefer using a stylus over a  keyboard? No problem, you can also chart your progress notes with a tablet using our "Freehand" form.

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Anchor Facturation
Facturation _ Staminasys

Generate a personalized invoice in just a few clicks, containing up to a full year of patients visits. You can then send it via email or print it based on your patient's preference.


As a 
manager, you have the flexibility to quickly generate weekly, quarterly, and annual income reports filtering by designation, therapist, and even patient. 

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