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Data Security Features

Privacy and Patient Data Protection

We take privacy and security very seriously and therefore have several processes implemented to ensure that everything is secure. However, we understand that you, as a therapist or patient user, may have questions about how your data is stored by StaminaSys.


Here is a list of our privacy and security features:

Encryption and Secure Data Transfer

Whenever a practitioner or patient transfers data from a computer to StaminaSys, the information is encrypted with the same level of security used by your bank to transfer information. Additionally, all patient data is stored in encrypted databases on our servers in Canada.

Simple Password Reset

Quick password reset from the main login page, so every user can keep their passwords up-to-date (and more secure).

Access Logging (Traceability) of patient records

StaminaSys offers a user (therapist) activity tracking log, in which clinic managers and therapists can view all activity in a record. This allows regular verification of who is accessing patient records and what actions have been taken.

Unique Username and Password Required

Administrators, practitioners, and patients access StaminaSys using their own unique credentials (username and password). Clinic managers can control access permissions for each user.


No Credit Card Data in StaminaSys

StaminaSys never stores clinic credit card information. When you enter a credit card, StaminaSys instantly transfers that data to Stripe, our encrypted transfer payment processing partner. Our PCI-compliant payment processing partner stores this information for StaminaSys. The default behavior of this partner is to store credit card information so that refunds can be processed. The payment partner has been carefully chosen and uses the same 128-bit encryption as the world’s leading banks. It transmits to StaminaSys an encrypted key (a token) representing the credit card, so that StaminaSys can continue billing on that card if the clinic owner wishes. However, please note that this token cannot be used outside of StaminaSys. The only information that StaminaSys stores about the credit card is the last 4 digits and the expiration date, so that the clinic owner knows which card is being used to pay for their StaminaSys subscription.

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