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Data Security FAQ

Where are StaminaSys data stored ?

StaminaSys data is stored on secure SOC 2 audited servers in Canadian data centers.

How is StaminaSys data secured ?

StaminaSys data is encrypted using 128-bit encryption when transmitted between your device and our servers (similar to the encryption used by major banks for your banking information).

How are StaminaSys data accessed ?

Administrators, practitioners, and patients each access StaminaSys using their own secure account with a username and password. Clinic owners can control access permissions for each user, including access to patient records.

How is StaminaSys data backed up ?

StaminaSys utilizes mirrored database servers (acting as real-time backups). In the unlikely event that something happens at the data center, StaminaSys can immediately switch to using another database server. StaminaSys also performs daily off-site backups as an additional precaution.

Who owns StaminaSys data ?

There are two levels of privacy to consider with StaminaSys. Clinic information*1 that we collect from clinic owners to open their StaminaSys account (such as clinic name and information, and credit card number for billing), and patient data that our clients/therapists collect (such as patient name, demographics, and health information for record entries). Our clinic information privacy policy *1 applies.

Patient-related data (records, health assessments, progress notes, etc.) belongs to the patients but is the responsibility of the therapist. This means that StaminaSys acts as an agent storing patient data on behalf of our clients/therapists. The clinic owner remains responsible for patient data.

Still have questions ?

If you have any questions about this guide or any other security-related topic, feel free to email the Privacy and Security Support team at We'll be happy to clarify any points you're unsure about!

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