Innovative Electronic Health Record 

for osteopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture ...

- THE web-based software solution to bulky paper files

- Your clinic is 100% paperless, from the patient’s record to the insurance claim
Results of analysis and medical tests are integrated into the record
Electronic signature: insurance claim sent by email to patient 
Your patient's record are encrypted and securely stored on our servers

Create your own zen and efficient work space, 

"Charting paper records is long 

and boring ... "

- Create your own custom Charts, replicate your paper charts 

- Assistance in charting for each phase of the session 

- Health history: case history and exhaustive system review

- Fast data entry (preemptive) through our customizable lexicons 

- Ergonomic: easy to use, specially designed for the use of clinicians


Fast and Easy Record Charting 

"I don't have an overall view of my records ...

... the information is scattered all over»

Follow up your patient’s progress constantly

and smoothly

- Assisted follow-up of the patient's symptoms evolution at each session

- Overall view of the patient's record within a click

- Direct access to history of previous sessions 

- Warning function reminding of patient’s potential contraindications

- Access to records wherever you may be, with PC, Mac or Tablet 

"Our filing cabinets are bursting ..."