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for osteopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture ...

Innovative Electronic Health Record 

Some of the features of  our application

Complete - Health history 

Detailed Systems review

(Configure and customize your own health history form)

 Session charting - (with your own specialized lexicons)

Build your own session charts 

Replicate your paper charts: chiropractic,  naturopathy,  massage therapy, acupuncture... in a few minutes.

Using our 'drag n drop' Chart Generator, add check boxes, text boxes, multiple choice... 

Specialized NAET(r) Session charting

Finding your Vials is easy. Just type-in the first letters of the allergen and StaminaSys tells you in which Kit to find it.

With this specialized module, you can rapidly chart your NAET(r) sessions according to the protocol developed by Dr. Nambrudripad.

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