Innovative Electronic Health Record 

for osteopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture ...

Meet your future and reliable assistant

Record Organization 

  • 100 % numeric : the ideal solution for a paperless office.

  • Quick search : immediate access to complete record by typing the patient’s name

  • Summary of Record :  a quick overview of  the case history and sessions

  • Complete statistics: generate reports, income, sessions history...

  • Administrative functions : Income, session receipts….



  • Web technology : Access your records from anywhere at all times

  • Responsive interface : Use your favorite devices : PC, Mac, tablet (IOS,Android).

  • Information sharing : Share records with colleagues subscribed to StaminaSys (* patient’s authorization required)

  • External data: attach medical imagery (JPG, PDF) lab test results… for immediate access.


Record Accessibility 


  • Intuitive : start charting your sessions just minutes upon your subscription.

  • Specialized lexicons : Quick data entry : techniques ( Osteopathy, massagetherapy, NAET(r) etc…), disfunctions and structures

  • Customisable : add your own terms to the specialized lexicons

  • Body diagrams : draw lesions, postures etc… thanks to the visual integrated interface.

  • Appealing : clear interface, user friendly


  • Logical Session Sequence : For records where nothing is missing, our application guides you at each stage of the session.

  • Professional norms : StaminaSys helps in making your records compliant with your professional association norms.

  • Practice specific : Built by a team of therapists and software engineers, StamynaSys has supported therapists for over 10 years.

  • Online free support : Personalized and rigorous support for every aspect of the  software.

  • Migration services : We can transfer your existing data into StaminaSys. (*costs apply)

Assitance in Session charting 

  • Three plans tailored to your needs: You pay only for the functions you use.

  • Save : By paying one yearly amount or opt for the flexibility of small monthly installments.

  • Unlimited free updates : we said it, you only pay for your annual subscription!

  • Flexible : Upgrade your plan with ease to suit your practice growth.

Clear and advantageous pricing

  • Secured system : Our robust encryption keeps your records safe on our servers  .

  • Automatic updates :  Only focus on your practice, StaminaSys is constantly updated.

  • User management : Archiving of every record modifications for a safe and ethical file sharing.

  • Fast : Efficient and reliable data processing even from mobile devices. 

Efficent and safe